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Thank you for visiting our site, currently we're taking reservations for boarding and grooming.  We are by appointment only and closed every Tuesday except after a Monday Holiday.
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10922 Riverside Dr.
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

CAT ONLY BOARDING 818-856-5618

We care for your animals so we can rescue others with the LA Cat Club!

Cats prefer a calm and quiet environment. At Cateau Marmont we are CAGE FREE and believe in providing a no stress, healthy environment for your cat while you are away. While we do have a large Group Play Room and a Sunny Sun Room, we offer our guests their own Private Bungalows. We do not recommend for your cat's first stay with us to be group. We recommend a private bungalow so your cat can make the decision to come into group when they're ready. Cats appreciate their own space. It makes for a much more comfortable stay. 


You can choose from Private Bungalows that are 3' X 3' X 8' or 5' X 4' X 8', or an extra large V.I.K. Bungalow that is 4' X 8' X 8'. All bungalows have been 'cat-ified' with catwalks, so as to allow our feline family members plenty of vertical space. Main Room Private Bungalows also includes a personal balcony that overlooks the main Play Room. 


The Play Room is where we hang out most of the time. There are live fish, cat tv, toys, places to climb and explore and loving caretakers who love on our guests constantly. 

We employ only Veterinary Technicians because we believe your cat deserves the best care from people who are experienced with animals. Truth be told, it is because of your gracious tips we are able to keep our prices competitive and hire experienced techs.

•Kitty can watch birds and squirrels on their own personal Kindle Fire or see the real thing     out private or group windows. There are bird feeders outside of every window.

•We play music produced scientifically for cats (yes, there is such a thing.)

•Receive pictures via text for a fee or visit our Facebook page to see pics for free. 

•Kitty can watch the live fish tank or relax by the warm fireplace (fake, shhh).

•Skype is available for an additional fee.

We invite our guests out of their Bungalow many times throughout the day just to hang out with us one on one. Or if parents say its ok, a playdate with other friendly guests can be arranged. There are so many fun things to climb on and play with. So when we aren't cleaning the litter or feeding our guests our favorite things to do are play with lasers and cat toys all day long. Did I mention that we love on our guests constantly? The pure love of cats is why we opened Cateau Marmont!  


Continue reading below all the way to the bottom of the page please.

"Many times throughout the day each guest will be invited out to our main Play Room where we play with the laser, the feather on a stick, and multiple other cat toys. We cuddle and love on them all day long."

$39 Per Night


$49 Per Night

3' X 3' X 8'


$56 Per Night

4' X 5' X 10'


$63 Per Night

4' X 8' X 8'

Animal Waste Disposal Fee 2.5%
A Discount of 2.5% is Offered if Payment is by Cash, Check or Debit card
Daily Pictures Via Text Are $5 per pic
Skype $10 per day

We want our guests to feel at home as much as possible and this means eating their own food from home. We ask you bring a good supply of their food and we will feed them as instructed by you exactly the way they eat at home. However, we do not feed our guests food that is not all natural and contains carcinogens and by-products. Please be sure the number one ingredient in your food is meat and there are NO by-products. For $5 a day we will feed your cat human grade chicken or fish, an all natural can food or kibble twice a day.


To ensure the health and safety of all of our guests, we recommend that cats with overdue vaccinations receive them at least two weeks prior to their stay. All of our guests are required to be current on the FVRCP (4-way vaccination) and Rabies vaccine (1 or 3 year variety). The Rabies vaccination is waived for inside only cats whose family does not wish them to have this vaccine. However, a written note from your vet is required. All our boarders are required to be tested (snap test) for FIV and FeLV within the past 6 months. All guests must be flea free. If not, we will administer flea treatments at the owner’s expense. All guests over three months of age must be spayed or neutered.


Drop off and pick up are by appointment only. Because we are a small establishment we can only accommodate one appointment at a time.  Check in will last no more than 30 minutes and you are welcome to stay the entire time.  But once you leave its important that we have some alone time with your cat to make him/her feel safe.  If you are late or stay too long you jeopardize this extremely important time and cut in to the next person's appointment. Pick up is the same. We spend valuable time discussing your kitty's stay. Please be respectful of the next appointment and your kitty's comfort. There are no appointments after 3:30pm. There will be a $50 charge for a pick up after 4:00 pm or before 8am.  There are no appointments after 5:30pm.

We are closed Tuesday. If you must pick up or drop off on a Tuesday there is an extra $50 charge. Pick up or Drop off on a Holiday is a $100 extra charge.

Holiday Rates 11/23/19-12/1/20 AND 12/21/19-1/3/20

Group $44 per night All Private Bungalows add $10 per night