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Thank you for visiting our site, currently we're taking reservations for boarding and grooming.  We are by appointment only and closed every Tuesday except after a Monday Holiday.
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10922 Riverside Dr.
Toluca Lake, CA 91602


We treat every cat that comes through our door like they're our own family.

We are a CAT ONLY grooming and boarding facility and pet shop serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas and we loooove cats!


We opened Cateau Marmont in 2016, when, after looking for a safe and clean place for our own cats, we didn't feel comfortable with the existing options here in Los Angeles. Hence, we created our own! We also wanted to create a place where people could adopt rescued cats through the LA Cat Club. 


We wanted a place that was CLEAN, a place we felt our cats WOULDN'T BE STRESSED, a place where we felt like our cats WOULD BE CARED FOR, where they were LOVED ON, and TALKED TO, and TOUCHED frequently while we were gone. We wanted a place that treated our cats the way we did, like family. Thats the environment we strive for every day with our guests at Cateau Marmont. 


The environment is very important to us, as well as the foods we eat and products we are exposed to every day. We eat organic/non GMO and use all natural cleaning products. So it only makes sense we would feel the same when caring for our pets as they are our family.


At Cateau Marmont we use BIODEGRADABLE LITTER and feed our guests the best in ALL NATURAL ORGANIC FOOD.


We are by appointment only and closed every Tuesday except after a Monday Holiday. If you are more than 10 minutes late or early you may have to wait at the door. 

We have taken every measure in our Design to ensure safety. There are multiple doors that remain closed at all times with room barriers between the outside and our guests. Every guest is tested for diseases and vaccinated.
Cleanliness is extremely important at Cateau Marmont.  We steralize and clean on a daily basis.  We have multiple air purifiers to keep our air fresh, clean and smelling good.
We love our guests like they're our own kids. We play, cuddle and love on them as much as possible. We play with our guests non stop throughout the day because it's fun!


Macaully Shields
Owner, lover of cats, play time specialist, massage therapist.
Kirsten Campbell
Director of Grooming, Cat Whisperer.
Tabitha Devaney
Cat BFF, bather, groomer in training.